LilliPhant bracelet Infinity Love Elephant Bracelet - Available in 4 colors!
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Infinity Love Elephant Bracelet - Available in 4 colors!

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    We know you are an elephant lover just like us, but we also know that not everyone likes the same colors. This is a quaint but stylish bracelet you will love forever. Your favourite color represents your personality. That's why we give you an ample array of colors, so you stay true to yourself!

    Pink - Fun, outgoing, relaxing vibe, very femenine and bright. 
    Black - Rest, mystery and calming presence.
    Brown - Mature, resilient to challenges, simple manner and value friendship.
    Light Blue - Creativity, serenity, calming personality and safety.

    Length: 7 + 2 in (17 + 5 cm) adjustable


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