Life is bigger than our individual selves and we’re not the only ones blessed by its sheer beauty. They say extraordinary power comes with extraordinary responsibility. Us humans, being conveniently placed at the top of the food chain, because of our evolutionary supremacy have a huge liability to take care of this planet, its ecosystem and its inhabitants. At LilliPhant, we understood that. That’s why we made it our mission to build a business where, with all your love and support, we are in a position to secure a better future for African elephants and sustain the beauty and ecological integrity of the places they live. African elephant is the largest animal to walk on the face of this planet and its herds populate 37 countries in Africa. According to National Geographic's continent wide wildlife survey conducted in 2016, the Great Elephant Census, Africa now has only just over 350,000 elephants left across 93 percent of its species' range. In only 10 years, more than 140,000 elephants were lost due to ivory poaching and destruction of their natural habitat. That's not it, we're losing 27,000 elephants every year to poaching and if slaughtering continues at this rate we won't have any elephants left in next 20 to 30 years. Imagine an upcoming generation who will never get to see an elephant except in videos and pictures. Is that the world we want to leave behind for our children? We’ve failed many beautiful species in the recent past including African Black Rhinoceros, Pyrenean Ibex, Passenger Pigeon, Quagga, Tasmanian Tiger and Sea Mink. If we don’t want African elephant to join that unfortunate list, we’ll have to be on our toes to save the majestic animal.