LilliPhant ( FAQs ) 

What does LilliPhant sell?

LilliPhant sells contemporary lifestyle products that help in elevating your individual persona and
surrounding aesthetic including fashionable wearables, trendy jewelry and accessories, charming
tapestry, unique baby products, wooden watches and more. Anything that you can’t find on traditional
online stores.
In easier words, we sell products that make and keep you happy.

What makes LilliPhant different than other businesses?

We don't keep all profits to ourselves. Instead, 10% of our earnings are donated for a cause to help save
the African elephants and their natural habitat. This may not seem that important but African elephants
are endangered species and we’re losing 27,000 of them every year. If we’re to pass on a world to our
kids where elephants still walk on this planet, every initiative and every dollar matters.
By tying our business to a cause, we don't only distinguish ourselves from other businesses but give more
than just materialistic reasons to our customers to spend money on what they want.

How do I know I'll get a quality product?

LilliPhant only works with suppliers who've built a reputation of providing high quality products. If a
supplier doesn't meet our quality assurance standards, we simply don't do business with them. We
understand that when you spend your hard earned money on these products, you expect quality and we
do everything in our power to make sure we deliver that expected quality to you.

What are the shipping charges?

Our order shipping cost is 4.95. All of LilliPhant's orders over $50 got FREE shipping worldwideship.

When will I get my product?

We sell unique products that are hard to find anywhere else, so we can't really offer 2-day shipping. For
United States residents our products get shipped within 5-20 business days while for international
customers, it may take 10 up to 45 business days to ship the product.
While it may take a bit longer to receive our products, we assure you they are worth the wait.

I can’t find a product I want, what do I do?

We are always updating our product catalog bringing in new exciting products for our valuable customers
so it’s entirely possible that the product you want is in the pipeline. If you can’t wait, you can always send
in your suggestions to us at and we’ll see what we can do for you.

What modes of payment does LilliPhant accept?

LilliPhant accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards and PayPal.

What happens if my product is damaged?

LilliPhant facilitates its customers in every way possible. If you've received a damaged or spoiled product,
you've a 60-day return window to initiate a return and claim a refund or exchange. Please note, only
unused products in original condition and packaging are eligible for return.
For details, kindly head to our Returns Center.

Can I get a refund?

You definitely can if you've initiated a return within 60 days of receiving the product. Once 60-day return
window has expired, unfortunately it becomes virtually impossible for us to process a refund or exchange.
Please see our detailed Refund Policy here.

When will I see the refund in my account?

Once your refund claim has been reviewed and approved, we’ll initiate processing your refund right away.
You’ll get your money within 10 business days.

Are there any products I can't return?

LilliPhant tries its best to bring convenience to all of its customers but unfortunately there are few types
of products that don't qualify for return including free gifts, promotional items, perishable goods and
hazardous and flammable materials.

I want to buy a product but it's too expensive, what should I do?

LilliPhant keeps bringing awesome discount deals on its products along with seasonal promotions. If you
can't afford a product right now, check back in a few days and you might as well have a great deal on your

I value my privacy, how do I know my personal information will not be misused?

We value your privacy, too. When you entrust LilliPhant with all the personal information while placing an
order with us, we ensure that it remains secure. We don't sell your information to any third party for
marketing purposes and it's only used for sending you timely email notifications about our new products,
exciting promotions and other updates.
Don't want to hear from us? Contact us at and we'll remove your name and
email address from the list. Still have questions in mind? Kindly go through our detailed Privacy Policy.

How do I get in touch with LilliPhant customer support?

LilliPhant support staff is here 24/7 to address your concerns and answer your questions.

Never hesitate to reach out to us with your queries. You can either shoot an email at or message us on Instagram or Facebook.
We'd love to entertain you.