LilliPhant Guarantee

@LilliPhant guarantees your satisfaction. We stand behind all the products we offer. We understand that even with our rigorous quality inspection process, there is always a chance of faulty and damaged products slipping through cracks making it a disappointing and sometimes even frustrating experience for you. That’s why we offer guaranteed satisfaction for every order we ship.

If you have received a product that's damaged, incomplete, spoiled, otherwise compromised or simply isn't what you expected it to be, we'll take it back and replace it with a new one or refund your money.

Our return and refund policies are simple and customer friendly to ensure quick resolution of any unwelcome situation that you might have to face. If there’s anything that bothers you about the product you have received from LilliPhant, you can get back to us with it without any hesitation whatsoever and we will be more than happy to issue you a refund or replace the product with a one that satisfies you in terms of quality, price and usability.

When LilliPhant says we guarantee 100% satisfaction to all our customers, we’re not just saying it, we mean it.