Saving the gentle giants

by Kuljit Singh on November 03, 2018

Even after being the current biggest member of the family Elephantidae, the elephants are still not able to survive in the changing conditions of the planet. There are many reasons for this miserable condition of these beautiful creatures, poaching, and hunting for tusks being the major one. 

Saving the gentle giants

Killed for their pride:-

Who thought the tool used by the animal for digging and boring would be a symbol of purity for the very inferior beings i.e., humans. The major reason behind the declining count of the elephant population is the demand for ivory. But not only the elephant but also the rhinos are also hunted just for ivory. T the thing which acts as a symbol of beauty and dominance is now taking them towards much worse fate.

Saving the Gentle Giants

A much similar example of animals being hunted for their products is tiger skin, snakeskin and many more.

Modern man’s fun turning into a concern for nature:-

Earlier it was a necessity for the cavemen and their ancient counterparts to kill for survival but now for the modern man it is a way of having fun and maintains a social status. African Countries rich in natural resources are the major hotspots for hunting and for the aristocrat people of the society to do the work which other lower people of the society consider a crime. So that pretty much sums up the whole situation and tells us who deserve to be considered as the aristocrats.

Saving the Gentle Giants

The Irony:-

There are two species of the elephants, the Asian Elephant, and the African Elephant. The Asian Elephant is worshipped as a symbol of god but the irony in this situation is that the people worshipping the Elephant are only killing or either promoting the kill just for the ivory to keep it as a symbol of purity in their homes.

Many are killed many die serving as a mode of either entertainment or as a mode of transportation for the humans.

Saving for the future:-

Our generation is privileged to see this beautiful creation of nature but if this nonsense killing continues then maybe our future generations may not be able to see these gentle giants in real time. The only mode left for them would be images just like we are having images of Tasmanian tiger and The Dodo.

On the safari tours, the hunters are often joined by the professionals with heavy weapons and we know the best part.

Saving the Gentle Giants

In this sport there are no trophies or medals, instead, there’s either a head or a tusk. The cruelty these animals face is unimaginable and beyond the thinking of the human brain.


Their abilities:-

Modern-day scientists can observe and learn many things from this animal’s significant features like their intensely strong memory which is a prominent example for other creatures.

Elephant’s hearing power is much greater than any other creature, they can hear even low frequencies which is a major way of communication for them. Out there in the wilds when an animal loses its path then their special way of communicating is the only way to get back with the pack. 

Saving the Gentle Giants

The difference:-

 Let us think about it practically, if a newborn human baby loses its parents then it is bound to either survive alone or die.  Now let us apply the same condition for the Elephants then the answer changes completely.  Since the elephant is a social animal even though a human is also considered as social but the irony is that all of us find a way to fit in the society and get a role. Elephants adopt the babies if the parent dies anyhow, now what should we consider as more humane?

Present condition:-

The African Elephant is listed as vulnerable whereas the Asian elephant is declared to be endangered. Other threats to the Elephants is decreasing habitat and clashes with the locals. We have heard many times that Elephants killed villagers in clashes but we don't understand that every incident has its two sides. From an Elephants point of view, the land area is decreasing day by day which is affecting their navigation skills and thus resulting them to enter the villages. These incidents not only harms the human population but it also harms the animals' image, and then everyone starts to lose their mind whenever they have a sight of this animal.

The Elephants need only their space and less interference of humans they will grow their population on their own.