How to Conserve Elephants?

by Kuljit Singh on February 21, 2019

Elephants are one of the most important parts of our eco-system. They are among the most intelligent animals in our wildlife with a full sense of surroundings. If properly trained, they can amaze us by presenting unbelievable mindset. They can imitate us and can behave like a human.

Usually, every link has its own significant role to run the whole biological chain uninterruptedly. Accordingly, elephants are likely to be the crucial factor in the bio-diversity. But today, we have sad news about this iconic animal. Their population tends to decrease every year.


Elephant Population Stats

Taking some statistics collected by the Environmental Ministry of India, it is terrible to see that India is considering an alarming reduction in the population of elephants. As per a census conducted in the year 2017, the total elephant population is pegged at 27,312 across the 23 Indian states. Similarly, the census of 2012 clears that the population was estimated at 30,000. It means we have lost around 3000 elephants during the gap of 5 (2012-17) years.


Consequently, it has harmed our environment as well. Climate change is occurring because of the ill-activities by the human in nature. In the name of development, wildlife sanctuaries are being destroyed on a large scale.

Some Measures to Conserve the Elephants

So, the need has risen during recent years to preserve our wildlife especially, elephants. Some of the measures we can take to protect our traditional symbolic animal are as follow:

Avoid ivory products

Opposing ivory products can be a great way to show sympathy for the elephants. Today, ivory products are being smuggled on a huge scale illegally. Some of the examples are pool cues, billiard balls, jewelry, carved trinkets, piano keys, bangles, small statues, and various decoration products etc. if we stop using ivory-made items, it will be a message to the dealers that customers are not accepting ivory products and another alternative has to be identified.


Support organizations conserving elephants

There are many non-profit organizations, charity institutions, councils which are working for the welfare of the wildlife. We should support them and contribute to their efforts to some extent that we can. Some of the world-recognized organizations are International Elephant Foundation, The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, African Wildlife Foundation, Amboseli Elephant Research project etc.

Adopt an elephant

If you are conscious about saving elephants to some extent, you can adopt an elephant. There are some organizations providing adoptions to wildlife lovers. You can contact them to adopt an animal and they will get some money to help their efforts.


Buy elephant-friendly coffee and wood

You can also buy and grow coffee and timber crops in the elephant habitat. It will provide them with an environment to survive. Buy only Forest Stewardship Council certified seeds.

Be careful about the captive elephants

Circuses and some zoos are exploiting many animals including elephants for just entertainment purpose. We can boycott these events that are using animals.

Visit elephant sanctuaries

When we visit animal sanctuaries with tickets, it can help to raise funds to make anti-poaching efforts. Hence, you also make sure that they are safe.

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