Elephants in Africa

by Kuljit Singh on January 31, 2019

Elephants have quite the commanding presence as the world’s largest land mammal. In Africa, the elephants are the largest land animals on the Earth. The elephants in Africa are bigger than the Elephants in Asia. If you are confused between the Asian and the African Elephants then you must need to know that the African Elephants have the larger ears as compared to the Asian Ones.

To know more differences between the Asian and African Elephants, read the article below:

The ears of the Elephants radiate heat to help them keep cool. But as we all know that Africa is the hot continent. Elephants in Africa are more fond of Water and enjoy showering by sucking the water in their trunks and spray the water on all over themselves.


The Elephants trunk is also known as its nose which they use for the smelling, breathing and trumpeting, and also drinking. The trunk of the elephant contains around 100,000 muscles. The African elephants have the two finger-like features trunk on the end. This two finger type structure helps them to grab the small things easily.

The African elephants either they are male or female have the tusks they use to dig for food and water and also strip bark from the trees. The male elephants use the tusk to battle with one another. But the ivory has also attracted the violence of a more dangerous sort.

African Elephants

The ivory is the most valuable thing in the elephants. This ivory is very valuable for humans. Thousands of elephants are killed for these tusks. This trade is illegal now, but till now the governments are not capable to completely eliminate this. Many of the African elephant’s populations remain endangered.

Elephants usually eat roots, grasses, and bark, and also they eat a lot of things. An adult can consume up to 300 pounds of food in one day. The elephants do not eat much; they always roam over the distances searching for the large quantity of food that is requiring for them.

The female Elephants live in families along with their young one. On another hand, adult males tend to roam alone. The make elephants always roam in the search of the prey and the food. As mentioned earlier the elephants need a lot of food to survive, so this is the main reason we always find the elephants roaming in the jungles.

African Elephants

A baby elephant is always a commitment for the female elephant. This is because the elephants have a long pregnancy than other mammals. The pregnancy time of the elephants is around 22 months. The female elephants give the birth to one calf every two to four years. During the time of the birth the calf weighs only 200 pounds, and the elephant stands about 3 feet tall.

The African elephants are not domesticated which are very unlike from the Asian elephants. The African elephants range throughout sub-Saharan Africa and rain forest of the West and central Africa. Most of the African elephants on the continent are found in North-east in Mali’s Sahel desert. The small nomadic herd of Mali elephants migrates through the desert in the circular route in the search of water.