13 Interesting Facts about the Elephants in World

by Kuljit Singh on February 21, 2019

The natures often surprise us through its wonderful eco-system including a wide range of animals, mountains, sea and many more. The elephants are also an important part of this chain. They are herbivores and love to eat tree leaves, sugarcane, grasses, bamboo, and banana etc. they are such sensitive animals and caring for each other just like a human.

Elephants Facts

Currently, they are among the biggest animal species on the earth after the Blue Whale. Today, elephants are facing collision by humans. They are losing their population year by year and now included in the list of endangered animal species of the world. We have lost 62% of the elephant population during the last 10 years. This is such a terrible number for us and also signaling a great loss to our eco-system.

Elephants Facts

12 August is observed as the “World Elephant Day” every year to impart knowledge and useful information to the people about their benefits and need to preserve them.

Elephants Facts

The present article will present 13 amazing facts about elephants before you and you will most probably be unknown to them.

Let’s have a look at 13 amazing facts about elephants:

  1. Basically, there are 3 types of elephants on this earth if we categorize them on the basis of location-Asian Elephants and African Elephants. Further, they have sub-categories. Asian elephants include- Indian Elephants, Sri Lankan Elephants, and Sumatran Elephants. Similarly, African Elephants include African Savanna and African Forest.
  2. Elephants are the biggest and heaviest land animals. They can weigh up to 80,000 kg.
  3. Elephants love to play in the water. Besides fun, this bath provides them with a lot of health benefits as well.
  4. Elephants are very alert-minded animals. They are eligible to learn things quickly as compare to other animals. Their learning skills are amazing.
  5. Research has revealed that elephants put more pressure on their toes rather than the heels.
  6. Unlike other mammals, elephants have shorter hair.
  7. When a female elephant gives birth to a calf, it is almost blind but it can stand up immediately after the birth.
  8. Elephant researchers have recorded elephant pulse rate at just 27 beats per minute almost one-third of the human pulse rate.
  9. Elephants have thin ears containing a complex network of blood vessels to maintain their body temperature. An ear of a male can weigh up to 100 pounds.
  10. African elephants have larger tusks than that of Indian elephants.
  11. If you see an elephant lifting its trunk in your direction, it means it smells you. They are very keen to smell along with terrible eyesight.
  12. The wrinkles on the skin of elephants are actually very helpful to maintain body temperature. Wrinkles absorb mud and store moisture to provide cooling in the summers.
  13. There are four molars (two on the top and two in the bottom) in the mouth of elephants. They can grow 6 sets of molar in their entire life. When the last set is lost, they become unable to eat anything and the result is death.

Elephants Facts


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