Save the Elephants: Being Social

by Kuljit Singh on October 31, 2018

Do you know elephants are one of the most socially skilled animals? They live in herds. They are very emotional beings and believe in the concept of family. These giant creatures sure have a giant heart. They exhibit emotions and feelings. They cry on the death of a family member and smile when they are happy. They get angry when poked and feel loved when treated with affection. They also care a lot of their human master. They do everything he commands. These are fascinating animals, and it is fascinating to observe their behavior. Let's learn more about them.

Save the elephants

Communication of Elephants:

Elephants have their unique way of communication. The most well-depicted one is their trumpeting. Yes, those big elongated noses are just not for sensing smell. They make sounds resembling that of trumpets through them and that way, they communicate within themselves. These sounds can be heard from a significant distance as well.

Save the elephants

The other way they communicate is an amusing phenomenon. They can hear infrasonic sounds. They create infrasonic sounds which they transmit through the ground. The range of these signals is very very large. These signals are for the whole herd rather than one to one chats. They make it when they feel some danger and want to warn their family.


The other way of communication includes physical contact. They express their feelings to each other by touch and visual signals. A mother elephant touches its baby's by hers to show love and affection to the baby. She also does it to make her child calm and assured by the sense of security. She even slaps the child by her trunk to make it disciplined.

Save the elephant

Aggression and Superiority:

Postures and body movements also are a tool for elephants to communicate. Male elephants show their aggression and superiority on another elephant in a fight or a confrontation. They spread their ears wide and broad. They stand tall and stiff in a dominating posture. They raise their trunk to look more fearsome and aggressive. When they accept defeat or subdue themselves, they do the opposite. They lower their chest and contract their ears.

Save the elephant

Behaviour of Elephants:

There are many incidents which depict the social and amazing behavior of elephants. If you are active on social handles like Instagram and Facebook, you might have come across this fantastic picture of a family of the elephant walking in heavy rain. The thing that makes this picture unique is that in the movie, a mother elephant is seen protecting her baby from the rain by keeping the baby under her body while walking. Amazing isn't it? Such a beautiful picture is displaying affection of such hearty creatures. One more story famous on the internet will fill you with love for these cute animals. The story is as such. In one summer afternoon, a female elephant was seen walking beside a lioness and her little cub. It was the time of drought, and the water sources were scarce and far. The lioness was weak, and so was her cub.

Save the elephant

So what was the female elephant doing there? Surely she was not planning to make them her dinner that night. She was protecting them. She was escorting them to the water place from which her herd drank. She was seen protecting them till the lioness and her cub reached the small stream and ended their thirst. The story tells a lot about the intelligence and emotional superiority of the elephants.

Save the elephants

Saving The Elephants:

But do you know now how many of these animals are remaining in the world? They have decreased in number from a few million to a few thousand in just a decade. They are always in danger to be killed by inhuman poachers who make money by their death. They sell their teeth and bones to make ivory and medicinal drugs. The ivory market counts crores of money only in India. There will soon be a day when these huge beings will just be known in books and legends and will no more walk on earth. These animals don't deserve to die like this. They are innocent and filled with love. We have to save them and help them. We need to stop interfering with their world. Rest they can do themselves. The world needs love and thus, elephants.